Philippine Hyundai Eon launched

I dropped by Hyundai Global City today for my Philippine Hyundai Getz’s 90,000 kilometer checkup when I saw the new Hyundai Eon! It’s pretty, and affordable at Php348,000 starting!

I’ll probably write more about the Hyundai Eon in the Philippines as I do more research on it. Sorry, folks at Geely Philippines, looks like y’all are going to regret not launching sooner. Ang tagal ng Panda ninyo!


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90,000km Hyundai Getz checkup

I’ll be bringing my Hyundai Getz in for a checkup next week for its 90,000km checkup. Among Gina’s issues are a jammed bolt on the front right tire and a clicking sound when I turn the car. Well, my baby’s getting on in years, but she’s still as fine as ever.

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Hyundai Getz wipers

I’m about to buy another set of wipers for Gina, my Hyundai Getz, because it’s just waaaay too worn out to be effective. Where should I buy it?

Listening to: Sidewalk Prophets Live Like That

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What prices!

Have you seen the prices of gasoline nowadays? It’s teetering near Php56/liter, which is ludicrous! Good thing my Hyundai Getz still gets decent mileage, or I’ll have to sell a kidney just to get to work!

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Gina Floodworthy

A friend of mine lost his car in the recent Pedring typhoon. I felt badly for him; it’s never easy losing a car – hello, that’s a lot of money/value in one item! – but gosh, it’s gotta suck when your car gives in.

Meanwhile, my Hyundai Getz is flood-savvy and flood-safe! I used to be concerned about whether my Getz would be able to handle it, especially with a relatively low tail pipe, but you know what? She’s a trooper! My Getz survived the infamous floods of Araneta, Espana, and Taft Avenue.

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Wanna buy a Hyundai Getz?

So, we’re pretty much decided that we’ll be buying a new car, which means we’re going to be selling our Hyundai Getz.

You’ve seen virtually everything we’ve had done to our car on this website. 🙂 You know we won’t be hiding anything from you. Would you like to buy the most famous Hyundai Getz in the country? LOL Negotiations start at Php280,000. 🙂 Send me an email at ganns at gannsdeen dot com for details, or if you’re interested. I already have two interested buyers but I’m still open.

If you buy the car, you obviously also get this website. And the value of this site isn’t too sloppy:


How much money is your blog worth?

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My wife and the Geely Panda

So I finally took my wife to the Geely North EDSA showroom to check out the Geely Panda.

Good news: she liked the car.

Bad news: She couldn’t get over the fact that the Geely Panda was a China car. (And that it seemed like a downgrade from our Hyundai Getz. Korea to China, Hyundai to Geely, that whole enchilada.)

Image is everything, folks. Now what?

*heads off to Toyota*

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